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Come one, come all! It's the brand-new first record from the alt/rock band Dermot. Veering off into a sci-fi alternative rock direction, this album's passionate vocals and catchy riffs will keep you hooked!


released April 30, 2013

Produced by Ed Ackerson

Michael - Guitars, vocals, keyboards
Ed Ackerson - Bass, keys, piano on "Haunted"
Peter Anderson - Drums

All songs and lyrics written by Michael.
"Unforgiving Night" written by Michael and Ed Ackerson.



all rights reserved


Dermot Minneapolis, Minnesota

We create rock & pop music of all shapes & sizes.

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Track Name: Another World
Wrote my swan-song
Thought it was the end
Twenty-five years
I was left for dead

But I'm breaking out of that Hell
Been gone for a lifetime
Or so I've been told
I have to erase old cells and start again once more

We live inside of a dream
Plotting our lives with no control
We need to come together, the worst is still in store
How can I make you listen to something you've never heard
If only you would believe me
There is another world... on its way!

There's a siren coming from the woods
In the dark of night, untouched by good
I was in the abyss, barely made it out alive
I feel so different now without a pulse inside

The panic and the fear
I've had it up to here
So I'll just take myself away...
Track Name: In My Mind
Sometimes I hear myself
Yammering around
Too depressed to make a single sound

Respect is earned, not given
This is known to me
And If the river's flowing
I'm lost across the sea

But in my mind...
I'm on a holiday
It's not so far away

I don't have the words to say
To all the jokers in my way
I'd rather stay here locked inside my mind
I don't have a thing to prove
To all the freaks outside my room
I'd rather stay here locked inside my mind

This could be just a dream
A drift in outer space
Converting all that's happy
Into UV rays

For this world and the other
and my little brother
I will pave my way
What if I'm Brian Wilson
A vege-table on display

In my mind
I'm on a holiday-oh
It's not so far away, but...

but it's not a game
The path that you've been laying down
it's not the same
You don't care what you're saying now
It's not a joke
You walk around like you got no hope at all
Take it from me
The things you wish to be
Will only make you lose your mind

But you're on a holiday
And you don't care what they say!
Track Name: No Through Road
Help me understand the why and how
That someone so restrained could be so loud
Well, I am made of threes and sixes
broken in my head
Come with me, we may not end up dead

I know you've been here before
And no one's making you stay
If you fear me, don't follow me
Don't follow me

In the corn rigs is where you'll find me
Censor all the sensors so our thoughts can be set free
I don't mean to bring you down
Or cause you any harm
I just wanna hold you in my arms

We're lost on a no through road
Nowhere to be, nowhere to go
If you're not here for the ride...
Don't follow me, don't follow me

Controlling my emotions I have always tried to be
Try to see the forest beyond all the trees
Hear the sound of goslings and the call of caribou
All that hinders me is you

You were never quite at home
With my thoughts or things I say
Sun is coming down
The city will be ruined
And so will you and me...
Track Name: Destiny Park
Look in the sky
Something bound to catch your eye
A brand new planet shaped just like our own
It's on its own
And if you turn down the wrong road
You can sometimes hear its noise
A disconnected voice that's singing...

"Come one, come all
We can make your dreams come true!
Give your hopes and fears to us
They'll not come back to you"

They're singing:
"Come one, come all
You've got nothing left to lose
Except some time, your blood
Your life...
But what good was that anyway?"

It was once a beautiful, bright place
But that was just to lead us here
It feeds on fear
Power grows
And when it grabs you it won't let go
And i can feel it reach for me
Oh, the things it's promising me!
It's singing...

They're tricking you, you fool
Why is it you can't see?
You gotta run away
Not believe the words they say

They're killing you, you fool
You gotta head to your home
You'll become a pile of bones
A smiling apparition all alone
Track Name: KONTS
An effervescent ghost
A body looking for a host
A madman of malaise
He'll never go away

Give him just an inch and he will take a country mile
Offer up your time and he will drain you of your smile
Don'tcha get caught up in trying to blow the world away
You'll end up the king of nothing to say

He's only just begun
Ya see, this is a real creepshow
Got songbooks in the hundreds that
Nobody else will know...

He's not a bad man
He's just been caught under a spell
Now that he's found that magic pill
Delusions he will sell

You can do your worst to break this curse
But it won't be undone
Until you find the magic words to be sung
Shangri-la. Papa-ra, papa-ra, nani-nani-na

Cheryl, oh Cheryl
Some day you'll be free
And I won't beg you to save my skin
Or just listen to me

Cheryl, oh Cheryl!
I've surely gone astray
In the blink of an eye I've become
The king of nothing to say!
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Track Name: Haunted
Here's a boy
Born afraid
Don't you say his name
It only drives him away

Keeps his words
In a jar
He may bring them out some day
But it may be far

He'd break down any door to know the truth
He'd rather live alone than without proof
Who wants to grow old
You know there's nothing left to do
And nothing left to prove

Can't you see
You live in spite of your own destiny
I believe
You try your best to stay in safety

Here's a man
All alone
He's a stranger in a place he once called home

They keep him safe
Free from harm
Artificial life is flowing through his arm

But he'd break down any door to reach the end
To feel the touch of family and friends
But somehow warmth and safety isn't heaven-sent at all
It's his final call

It's a joke you believe
When you negotiate your dreams
And if we never make it out of here
We'll be haunted

Help me be a better man
Who does his best to understand
To make his way from here to Budapest
I wanna reach the higher state
Where I don't know or care if I'm great
Where I can breathe a little easier knowing:
This was my fate.
Track Name: So Happy You're Gone
Hey you
I bet you're not afraid
Of any single thing
Well maybe you should be

Cause when you close your eyes
It could burden you
when you know the truth
And that is
There's nothing left to prove

I would never tell a lie
That I didn't believe
I'd never play a part that didn't
Have a part of me

I would never fake a sickness
I've been sick my whole life long
but I would lie
Awake all night
So happy you are gone

God damn
Have you no respect
For heroes that you meet
Does it make you complete?

Architects line up to knock you down
Lost in your own world and you can't be found
Everything you think you need
Is only in your way
You've become the king of nothing to say

You're gone...
Track Name: Unburdened
I don't know why shit turns to gold
Long after I discard it
I can't say why things go my way
The moment I've departed

I carry a heavy load
But this is the life I chose

You can stay up all night long
Waiting for the sun
Or you can curse the way time flies
Until your days are done

Tide won't turn your way
When you're alone
Your hopes will turn to stone
Keep a level head
I promise you and I will be unburdened tonight

I don't know why I lose control
And let this spirit guide me
I can't say why I hide away
And waste my lifetime sliding

I don't know my own soul
I don't know at all
I don't know
My life's role but I pray I'm not the pilot

I carry the light of day
I just can't let it break away...
Track Name: Unforgiving Night
Who do you think you see
What stories brought you here
He's not a man to follow
He's playing off your fears

Found your voice
Sang from your heart
Now he owns you
Tears you apart

I have always rued this day
Felt it coming my way

This has been a long time coming
You can run your whole life long
From knowing which is more important
Your life or your song

You can do your worst
To break this curse
I will be waiting beneath your bed
You can pray for day to come
But you're caught in the unforgiving night

There has always been a part
Of me that's doubted this brand new start
And I was caught up in a moment
That's fading far away

And I don't wanna live this way
I don't wanna hand my life to fate
Some want to live forever
Some just count the days

This is all a dream
None of it is true
Tried to play the hero but
You know what is true

And it hurts me far more than I
Have ever hurt before
To know
That in 25 years I...

I still love her
Even though the nights are long
I still love her
Even as I sing this song
I still love her cause she's my guiding light

I still love her
Even though the nights are long
I still love her
Even as I sing this song
We're caught in the unforgiving night.
That unforgiving night...
Track Name: My Gravity
I've been wishing for some change
I found some now
Life's sure going my way, I guess
But something seems astray

Floating here in empty space
Wonder if I'll always feel this way
Oh God
May there still be hope for me?

You've been staring at the sun
While your world becomes undone
The things you see, they just can't be
Gravity will try its best to break your fall
But it can't save you now

I've been in another world
Hiding from the panic and the fear
No good has come of that

Woulda gave myself away
To shelter you from pain inside your head
There I go again
You know you can't go back in time

Gravity will try to break your fall
It won't ever be the same

You can't build up a portrait to hide what you lack
You can't re-write your history so much you lose track
You can't give up a piece of yourself then ask for it back
You can't go off in space then come back... in one piece
But you can try...

I wanna be home.